Makonnen Sundiata

is an entrepreneur from Baltimore, Maryland who enjoyed his late mother, Dorothy’s love of cooking, and ital diet based on his travels to Jamaica.
His love for Kale bloomed from his personal garden in 2017 as a new gardener and despite many failures was persistent and resilient in nurturing and learning his crops.
With the help of Master Gardener and activist, Maurice Ashby, Makonnen learned the different varieties of Kale, the different soils that nurture it, and are complemented by other fruits and vegetables. The first time he tasted sauteed kale, he became excited about its texture, scent, ability to hold flavor, and quick cook time.
After this experience, Kales Kitchen has developed out of self-discovery and an authentic calling to Black health and economics. Makonnen is on his journey to veganism.

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